Please take time to have a look at the following videos:

New Song/ Video Tribute to HMS Glorious

We are delighted to showcase a new song and accompanying video, which has been kindly sent to us by Mark Lemon, who wrote and recorded it togther with David Taylor, who made the video and engineered the track. Mark is the nephew of Glorious casualty, Stoker 1st Class, Charles Herbert Facey. Please visit the following link:


Our first memorial event in Malta and plaque dedication. 40 Maltese lost their lives on Glorious, the largest loss of Maltese on any RN ship. The ceremony took place in Valletta, attended by H.E.President Adami. He is seen talking to 93yr old Carmela Spiteri, who lost her husband, Francesco on Glorious, aged 27 yrs :

Please visit the following link to view a short video from the wreath laying event in Norway:

GLARAC member and Distribution Officer Garry Carter, grandson of Cyril " Nick" Carter, the sole survivor of HMS Acasta is working on his own website dedicated to the Acasta and this can be viewed at: We wish Garry all the best with his venture.

Devonport Naval Heritage Centre

Located in the historical Devonport Dockyard, this is a wonderful facility for all those interested in the Naval History associated with Devonport. For GLARAC members, the centre is currently developing a section dedicated to Glorious, Ardent & Acasta, built around osme wonderful personal uniform possessions and artefacts that belonged to Glorious casualty Herbert May, and recently donated by his family.
Please visit their excellent website at the following link:

HMS Cavalier Association

HMS Cavalier is the last known surviving WW2 RN destroyer, now permanently moored as a museum ship at the Historic Dockyard Chatham.
The association website, run by Ron Rymer, as well as being dedicated to HMS Cavalier, also has a super database for all RN destroyers lost or damaged in WW2, including casualty lists. Please take a look at their website:

Eden Camp Nr. Malton, North Yorkshire

This former POW camp built in 1942 and now a fantastic museum, has a small display of information and crew photos provided by relatives connected to Glorious, Ardent and Acasta:

Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire

Please visit the following link, to see information about the collection's 1932 built Hawker Nimrod Mk.I, that saw pre - war service on HMS Glorious:

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